Netarts Bay Garden RV Resort

Park Rules


We have established the following rules to help insure a clean, comfortable, and friendly park for our guests enjoyment; your cooperation in following them is greatly appreciated.

Check-in Time: 1PM, Check-out Time: 12-Noon

Quiet Hours: 10PM - 8AM

RV Sites: Are for clean, self contained RV's in good repair. We reserve the right to refuse site rental to RV's that, in our sole judgment, do not meet this standard.Tents are not allowed. Please keep sites clean and free of litter. It is suggested that you do not leave coolers or valuable items outside overnight due to nocturnal visitors. Do not hang laundry from your RV, awning, or clotheslines.

Parking: All vehicles should not block roadways or adjoining site access. Please park only in your designated parking spaces and not in unoccupied RV sites. Please do not park on the grass.

Visitors: Visitors of paying guests must check in at the front desk and are to leave the park by 10PM.

Boat Cleaning: When rinsing off your boat, motor, trailer, or related equipment, please use the designated boat cleaning area.

Pets: Pets are to be leashed at all times and cannot be left unattended outside. Any pet showing aggressive behavior or excessive barking must leave the park. Pets are to be taken to the designated pet areas and cleaned up after. Disposable bags are available in the park office.

Trash Disposal: All shells and bait are to be deposited in cans provided at the cleaning area, next to the park office. Please break down all containers and boxes, and deposit in an empty can.

Campfires: Campfires must be attended at all times and doused with water when vacating your site or before bedtime. Campfire flames should be kept low. Use of a portable fire ring is allowed on the concrete or gravel only, and not on grass areas.

Restroom and Laundry Facilities:  Are for our guests and their visitors. To limit public use combination locks are installed at each facility. You will receive the combination when you check in. To support the efficient use of laundry facilities a sign up sheet is available in each facility.

Park Grounds: Foot bridges are for walking only. Use of bicycles within the park is limited to paved and graveled area. Roller skates, skateboards, Rollerblades, motorized scooters and motorbikes are not permitted within the park. Please don't climb on fences, creek banks, trees, or rock walls within the park. Playing in, near, or along the boat basin, or creek areas is dangerous and not allowed. Use of sidewalk chalk is not allowed.

Crabs, Clams & Fish: Cleaning stations are located next to the park office, please use this facility to clean your catch. To avoid unpleasant odors please place all cleaning waste into the provided containers. Use of your personal Crab Cooker is permitted on the concrete patio, or gravel area of your site. Please use your sites sewer connection to dispose of cooking and cleaning water.

Children:  Parents are responsible for their children, please make sure they know and follow park rules.

Lawn Maintenance: Is performed on weekdays, please keep the lawn area as clear as possible so that we can keep it attractive for your use. Please address special maintenance requests to the park managers.

Vehicle Washing: Guests may wash their own RV, on their site, once per visit. If  you are bringing in a professional detailer to wash and detail your RV they must be licensed and insured. Please do not wash cars, or trucks on site. Please do not wash salt water off equipment at your campsite.

Additional Note: Park owners, managers, and staff are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by disruptions in utilities services or acts of God. 

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